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On this website the Common Warehouse Metamodel (CWM) team has compiled information, documents, presentations and other resources regarding CWM.
Our purpose is not to give a complete understanding of CWM or explain all its details, but more to offer a starting point into CWM and hopefully point you to the right direction.
About What is CWM? Here you'll find a short explanation of what it's all about.
Specification From here you can reach the CWM spec and related documents.
Papers & Presentations Downloads of papers and presenta- tions by the CWM team.
Events Summaries of events such as work- shops and technology demonstrations.
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions about CWM.
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Update of the section Papers and Presentations with overviews of XMI, UML, CWM and Eneblement Showcases.  [2003-12-09]
Model-Driven Data Warehousing [68 KB, PDF]. A presentation given by John Poole at the Integrate.2003 conference in Burlingame, CA, Jan 2003. [2003-05-21]
CWM Specification v1.1 [external link, OMG web site]. The CWM v1.1 formal specifi- cation package is now available on the OMG web site. [2003-03-19]
Copenhagen TDWI 2002 presentations [4 476 KB, WinZip-file, containing Power- Point-files]. Presented at the Copenhagen Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI), Oct. 7, 2002, by Dan Chang and Doug Tolbert. [2002-11-05]
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