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CWM Specification

Here you find the CWM specification and links to related documents.

CWM 1.1 Specification

CWM Specification v1.1 [external link, OMG web site]. The Common Warehouse Metamodel (CWM) v1.1 formal specification package is now available on the OMG web site. [2003-03-19]

CWM 1.0 Specification

CWM_1.0.zip [2820 KB, WinZip-file]. This file contains the two volumes of the CWM 1.0 spec and associated files. These reflect corrections of errata found since the spec/files were first published in February 2001. [2001-04-04]
CWM_1.0.readme.txt [2 KB, Text-document]. Readme file providing a brief description of the files in the spec. [2001-04-04]

Related resources

Data Warehousing, CWM and MOF Resource Page [external link, OMG web site]. From here you can download the CWM specification and its annexes.
OASIS CWMI Specification [external link, OASIS web site]. Here you find a summary of the CWM spec and references to other relevant documents.
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