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Papers & Presentations

Papers and presentations by the CWM team and others (listed by date).

  Implementations XMI for UML/CWM [external link, Meta Integration web site] Table overview of XMI to UML/CWM compatibility and coverage of various supported tools.  [2003-12-09]
  CWM Enablement Showcase 2002 [external link, 66 KB, GIF] CWM Enablement Showcase at the Annual Meta Data Conference / DAMA Symposium, San Antonio, Texas. April 28 - May 2, 2002.[2003-12-09]
  CWM Enablement Showcase 2001 [external link, 118 KB, GIF] CWM Enablement Showcase at the Annual Meta Data Conference / DAMA Symposium, Anaheim, California. March 4-8, 2001.[2003-12-09]
  Overview UML, XMI (MOF) and CWM [external link, 85 KB, GIF]. Schematic overview of the relationships between UML, XMI (MOF) and CWM. [2003-12-09]
  About Meta Integration and OMG [external link, Meta Integration web site]. Information about Meta Integration and OMG. [2003-12-09]
Model-Driven Data Warehousing [68 KB, PDF]. A presentation given by John Poole, Hyperion Solutions Corp. at the Integrate.2003 conference in Burlingame, CA, Jan 29, 2003. [2003-05-21]
Copenhagen TDWI 2002 presentations [4 476 KB, WinZip-file, containing Power- Point-files]. Presented at the Copenhagen Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI), Oct. 7, 2002, by Dan Chang and Doug Tolbert. [2002-11-05]
The CWM Experience [1171 KB, Powerpoint-file]. A presentation on the CWM Experience Implementing a UML-Based Data Warehouse Metamodel. By Doug Tolbert, Unisys Corp, December 2001.  [2001-12-13]
Enterprise Corba 2001 presentation [368 KB, Powerpoint-file]. A presentation on CWM given by Pete Rivett, Adaptive Ltd at Enterprise Corba 2001, May. 16, 2001, London.  [2001-09-20]
Model-Driven Architecture: Vision, Standards And Emerging Technologies [53 KB, PDF-file]. A paper by John Poole, Hyperion Solutions Corp. submitted to ECOOP 2001 Workshop on Metamodeling and Adaptive Object Models. It discusses the MDA standards (including CWM), current Java platform initiatives, and they could ultimately be used to build totally dynamic systems. [2001-05-02]
CWM Enablement Showcase [2014 KB, PDF-file]. Foil sets from a presentation giving an overview of the CWM Enablement Showcase which took place at the OMG Orlando meeting in December, 2000. Presentation given by Daniel T. Chang at UML Forum/Tokyo, March 21, 2001. [2000-04-04]
CWM Enablement Showcase: Warehouse Metadata Interchange Made Easy Using CWM [178 KB, PDF-file]. An article on the CWM Enablement Showcase, to be published in TDWI. By Daniel T. Chang. [2000-04-04]
CWM: Extending UML for Data Warehousing and Business Common Warehouse Metamodel [73 KB, PDF-file]. A presentation given by Daniel T. Chang and John D. Poole at OMG's First Workshop on "UML in the .com Enterprise", Nov. 6-9, 2000, Palm Springs, CA. [2000-12-07] [1450 KB, WinZip-file] Various presentations at CWM Workshop at Statistics Norway, Olso, June. 12, 2000. The file also contains a list of attendees with e-mail address. [2000-06-26]
  CWM: A Model-based Architecture For Data Warehouse Interchange. A presentation by Doug Tolbert, Unisys Corp. given at WESAS 2000 in UC Irvine, Calif. May 8. [2000-06-20]
CWM as a Foundation for Active Object Models in the Data Warehouse Enviroment [44 KB, PDF-file]. A paper by John D. Poole describing how CWM possesses all of the necessary semantics, interfaces and structure required to formulate Active Object Models for driving data warehouse tools. [2000-05-29]
Common Warehouse Metamodel (CWM), UML and XML [291 KB, PDF-file]. A foil set on CWM to be presented at the Meta Data Conference, March 19-23, 2000.
CWM RFP Final Submission Presentations [442 KB, PDF-file]. A foil set on CWM RFP Final Submission presented at the Analysis & Design Task Force meeting, Denver, March 8, 2000.
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