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 News & Updates Archive
The CWM Experience [1 171 KB, Powerpoint-file]. A presen- tation on implementing a UML-Based Data Warehouse Meta- model by Doug Tolbert, Unisys Corp, December 2001.  [2001-12-13]
Enterprise Corba 2001 presentation [368 KB, Powerpoint-file]. A presentation on CWM given by Pete Rivett, Adaptive Ltd at Enterprise Corba 2001, May. 16, 2001, London.  [2001-09-20]
Model-Driven Architecture: Vision, Standards And Emerging Technologies [53 KB, PDF-file]. A paper by John Poole, Hyperion Solutions Corp. submitted to ECOOP 2001. [2001-05-02]
Three new papers and presentations on CWM MDA and the CWM Enablement Showcase is available. [2001-04-04]
A new version of the CWM 1.0 specifiction is now available. This reflects corrections of errata found since the spec were first published in February 2001. [2001-04-04]
The FAQ is updated with six new questions. [2001-04-04]
CWM: Extending UML for Data Warehousing and Business Common Warehouse Metamodel [73 KB, PDF-file]. A presentation given at OMG's First Workshop on "UML in the .com Enterprise", Nov. 6-9, 2000, Palm Springs, CA.  [2000-12-07]
A first version of the FAQ is released. Help us developing the FAQ by submitting your own questions to us! [2000-11-09]
CWM Workshop at Statistics Norway, Olso, June 12, 2000. Presentations are now available. [2000-06-26]
CWM: A Model-based Architecture For Data Warehouse Interchange. A presentation by Doug Tolbert, Unisys Corp. given at WESAS 2000 in UC Irvine, Calif. May 8. [2000-06-20]
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